Indiana Community Health Worker Symposium 2012 Presentations

On Monday, Oct. 15th, the Indiana State Department of Health in conjunction with the Indiana Community Health Worker Coalition hosted a state-wide Community Health Worker Symposium at the Indiana Government Center.  Roughly 120 people from around the state, representing hospitals, nonprofit organizations, Federally Qualified Health Centers, insurer groups, providers, state and local government agencies, and community health workers attended the symposium to learn more about how integrating community health workers into the clinical care team can help improve health outcomes and increase access to health care, all while bringing a return on investment.  Additionally, the results of a statewide assessment of community health workers and insurers and provider groups were shared.  The attached Power Point Presentations were delivered at various points during the symposium.  We hope that they are as informative to visitors to our website as they were for those who were able to attend the symposium in person.

Carl Rush, M.R.P, is one of the leading academics in community health worker policies and initiatives throughout the nation.  Mr. Rush presented on the national landscape in relation to current policies and legislation that references and encourages community health workers.  He also touches on several studies that have shown a return on investment for creating community health worker initiatives.

*Carl’s PPT*

Lee Rosenthal, Ph.D., has worked on Community Health Worker policy and legislation for more than 20 years.  Along with Carl Rush, Dr. Rosenthal has worked with many states to help them assess their community health worker populations as a first step to integrating CHWs into their health care systems.  The following presentation include the results of Indiana’s state-wide community health worker assessment.

*Lee’s PPT*

Windrose Health Network, Partnership for a Healthier Johnson County, and Esperanza Ministries have formed a unique model working together to address the health disparities in Johnson County, Indiana, the includes children in their schools and the growing refugee population.  This presentations outlines what each organization does and how they use community health workers to address their needs.

*Johnson County PPT*

Sherry Gray and Jane Clawson of St. Vincent run a highly successful, community-health worker driven program to address pre-natal and infant care in their Pathways model.  This presentations outlines how their program works and some of the successes they’ve seen as a result.

*St. Vincent PPT*

The Marion County Health Department has a well-developed and long-standing asthma education program that uses community health workers, which they outline in their presentation.


Health Visions Midwest has been working in the East Chicago region for years and has used community health workers in many of their initiatives to great effect.


Bruce VanDusen of the Division of Mental Health and Addictions and Martha Levey of ASPIN have created a highly successful peer-support program for those struggling with mental illness and substance abuse issues.  Additionally, their community health workers are able to bill Medicaid for their time.  To learn more about how this program works and how these organizations are bridging the gap between primary and behavioral health care, please view their presentation.


Dr Oscar Cano presented the “CHWs Can Help” Campaign. A Community Health Workers (CHW) Awareness  Campaign for Health Professionals of the state of Indiana.

*CHWs can Help PPT*


Carl’s Presentation – CHW Symposium – C Rush 10-15-12 rev 2

Lee’s PowerPoint

JohnsonCounty – CHW Presentation

St. Vincent – CHW Presentation

MCHD – CHW Presentation

HVUSA – CHW Presentation.pptx

ASPINandDMHA – CHW Presentation

CHWs Can Help – CHW presentation